Multi-platform Integrations

Discord Bot Integration

Learn how to integrate your chatbot with Discord to respond in your discord channel

Step 1: Create Your Customer AI Chatbot

Follow the Chatbot Creation section to create your chatbot based on your own needs.

Step 2: Find the Discord Integration

Navigate to the Integrations tab in your chatbot menu. Click the Add to Discord button to initiate the integration process. After entering the client ID and secret token for your Discord bot, click the connect button. Subsequently, a pop-up window will appear for authorization to integrate the chatbot with the selected Discord server. Refer to the video demo for a visual guide.

Step 3: Engage with the Bot

Interact with the chatbot by either tagging (@) it or responding directly. Keep in mind that the chatbot will only respond when tagged or when responding to its previous messages. Refer to the video demo for a visual representation of the process.

White Label Your Chatbot