Multi-platform Integrations

WhatsApp Integration

Learn how to integrate your chatbot to respond to WhatsApp messages automatically

Step 1: Create Your Customer AI Chatbot

Follow the Chatbot Creation section to create your chatbot based on your own needs.

Step 2: Create WhatsApp App

Develop your Whatsapp application following Meta's guidance. WhatsApp create app

Step 3: Generate Access Token

Generate a permanent system user access with the whatsapp_business_messaging permission for your created app.

Step 4: Setup Access Token

Go to the Integrations tab in your chatbot menu. Click the Add to Whatsapp button to initiate the integration process. Simply enter the access token created in Step 2 above. Don't worry if the status dot still shows with red color.

Step 5: Setup Callback URL

Return to the API setup tab of your Whatsapp App and insert{chatbotId} as the webhook URL. Subscribe to the messages event. The status dot in Step 2 should turn green after completing this step. WhatsApp create app

Step 5: Engage with the Bot

Initiate interaction with the chatbot by sending a message to your WhatsApp account's phone number. The WhatsApp account should automatically respond to your inquiry. As the customer's phone number is included in the message, the customer's information will be gathered automatically as a lead.

Slack Bot Integration