Advanced Features

Save Chat History in Your Own Storage

In specific scenarios, particularly within the medical healthcare industry, you might prefer not to have Chat Data access the conversation history of your chatbot, ensuring that only you have visibility into these interactions. You can deactivate the chat history storage feature in the chatbot settings and utilize a webhook to transmit chat conversations to your server in real time, where it can be stored in your own HIPAA-compliant data storage.

How to Exclusively Save Chat History in Your Own Storage

Step 1: Disable Chat History Storage in Chat Data

For medical-chat models, we automatically disable the retention of chat histories to comply with HIPAA regulations. Additionally, you can configure a custom chatbot with your specialized medical knowledge base and deactivate chat history storage through the Security settings tab. Disable chat history storage

Step 2: Transfer Chat History to Your Own Storage

Employ the webhook feature to capture chat events from your chatbot in real time. You can then store these conversations securely in your own data storage by following the webhook setup process.

Webhooks Setup