Multi-platform Integrations

Zendesk Integration

You can provide your Zendesk account's API token to us, and we can send the collected lead information to you after customers submit the lead form and create a live chat escalation ticket in your Zendesk account. Here's how to set it up:

Generate Credentials

You need three credentials to integrate your Zendesk account with us:

  • Zendesk domain
  • Zendesk email
  • Zendesk API token We will go through how to get them one by one.

Zendesk API Token

The Zendesk API token can be created in your Admin page. You can access your admin page by clicking through your Zendesk home page, as shown below: Zendesk home page

Then, click on the Zendesk API button to create your API token: Zendesk admin page

Enable token access and create your token in the Settings tab, as shown below: Zendesk generate API token

Zendesk Domain

You can find your Zendesk domain on your home page, as shown in the top right corner of the image below:

Zendesk Email

This is the email you used to sign up for your Zendesk account.

Integrate Your Zendesk Account with Chat Data

Go to the Integration tab of your Chat Data account and click on the Zendesk integration button. Fill out the three credentials required in the modal. If your credentials are correct, the modal will show a green dot to indicate a successful connection status: Zendesk Integration

Receive Live Chat Escalation Tickets and Lead Collection

Lead Collection

If a customer submits the lead form (see Collecting Leads for setup), your Zendesk account will receive the lead information as shown below: Zendesk Leads Collected

If you have enabled live chat (see Live Chat Escalation for setup), your Zendesk account will receive tickets created when the live chat is escalated by the end user, as shown below: Zendesk Live Chat Tickets

WhatsApp Integration