Advanced Features

Usage Data Dashboard

Gain insights into your chatbot's usage data across various integration sources with the analysis dashboard.

Analysis Dashboard

Access your Analysis dashboard via the URL{chatbotId}/dashboard/analytics. This dashboard provides insights through three distinct sections: Message Credit Usage, Hourly Distribution of Chats (UTC Zone), and World Distribution of Chats.

Important Insight

Please select the Source first to ensure the data displayed is streamlined and accurate.

Message Credit Usage

This chart tracks the usage of message credits by your chatbot, displayed on a daily basis over the selected period. Message Credits Usage Distribution

Hourly Distribution of Chats (UTC Zone)

This graph illustrates the average distribution of chats throughout a day, segmented into hourly intervals over the selected period. Chats Distribution over the day

World Distribution of Chats

This graph displays the geographic distribution of users interacting with your chatbot, categorized by country over the selected period. The geographic distribution of your users

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